Entry #21

A bunch of NEW stuff and Old stuff too!

2016-09-13 00:23:37 by chaosphoenix88

Hello all,

ChaosPhoenix still making stuff. I havn't stopped. Got new stuff here and to come. 


1. New Zelda Project: Triforce.

- Chaosdragon and I are working on projects together. This includes music as well as animation. He's currently writing this project with me doing the animation, sound work and such. We'll be posting the episodes here as well as on YouTube. Check out the first episode



2. Game Reviews

- We are both doing reviews and commentary on different games. We figure they probably shouldn't be uploaded here so we're uploading them on YouTube. Check us out and give us a subscribe, itll help us grow.


3. Music

- Both of us compose and arrange music you know and maybe dont know. We love it so we'll be posting a lot of great songs we've composed on the page as well as remixes to the songs you already know and love. 


4. The Worlds Strongest!

- Hey, I didn't forget this. How could I? The World Strongest will be uploaded primary on our YouTube, but I will upload pieces of it here in order to let you guys know when the full episode is on our YouTube. So stay tuned!

Here's a link to the page !


Thanks for all of you guys support!









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